About Us

Cyprus is regarded as the island of Aphrodite, for it was her birthplace, and for an island endowed with so much beauty, the name is certainly appropriate.

Our cuisine is provincial Greek Cypriot, with a modern and fresh twist. Cypriot cooking is a happy mixture of Greek, Lebanese-Syrian and Arabic cuisines and spices, which have been derived from the centuries of cultural influences surrounding the island.

We at Venus and Co present an authentic style of food and drink, using high quality produce, and applying traditional recipes, which honour our customs and cultural background. Some of the ingredients include Burghul, rice pulses, pastas, semolina and cinnamon, coriander leaves and seeds, haloumi cheese, mastic and rosewater.  

Our parents are Greek Cypriot and our restaurant uses recipes which originated in the 1920’s. They have been passed down from generation to generation and some of the produce we use is only available from specialist, home-made suppliers. Our chef has also created fresh and contemporary dishes, which have been inspired from our mother’s recipes, and capture the pride in our Greek Heritage.   

Steve Watson, our head chef, has had extensive experience, starting with training at one of Melbourne’s most iconic restaurants, Mietta’s and has headed the kichens of the Hairy Canary Group, Tony Rogalsky’s Locanda Veneta, Baby Levantine and three of his own restaurants including the iconic Omni restaurant in Essendon.

Steven’s love and passion for food is evident in his cooking; the blend of traditional recipes and his creative flair with food, ensures beautiful dishes on another level.

Nicholas has been in the hospitality industry for 20 Years, and he prides himself on striving to create an exceptional and pleasurable dining experience for his customers. His professional standards and desire to gratify his customers, is what makes him an impeccable host and manager. Nicholas assures you will thoroughly enjoy the food and atmosphere in his restaurant. He has also created signature cocktails, which contain traditional liquors from Greece and Cyprus.  

Nicholas and Steve’s combined 50 years of cooking and hospitality experience, is representative in their humble knowledge, love and passion for their food and their restaurant. They will transport you to a passage through the Cypriot heritage, where you will fall in love with the food; which not only feeds your belly, but feeds your soul. They aim to create one of Melbourne’s most unique restaurants with premium food in a relaxed atmosphere.